Monetize your network in 5 steps:

  1. Learn funded channel messaging (FundChan).
  2. Obtain a provisional FundChan network license.
  3. Generate revenue by building your network on FundChan.
  4. Purchase your FundChan network license.
  5. Cash out the profits of your network.

Build a digital asset

Welcome to the FundChan Network Licensing Program.

With a FundChan network license you can turn your network into a valuable digital asset that can generate revenue and increase in value as it grows. The following is a description of how the program works.

Core Business

The core business of FundChan is the sending and receiving of paid messages. With a license there are two core business events that generate revenue for you, the licensee:

  1. 10% transaction fee
  2. 10% cashout fee

Transaction fee revenue is generated from messages sent/received on the licensee's network site. Cashout fee revenue is generated when any user for whom the licensee is the indicated "source" cashes out funds.

There are three ways to grow the core business:

  1. Increase the number and quality of users.
  2. Increase the volume and value of conversations.
  3. Sell a license to someone who can do 1 and 2.

Licenses can be resold with the attendant business that is sourced by the license. The ultimate VALUE of a license is determined by the core business that is sourced by the license. A license will become worthless if the core business is not developed.

Growth business: 10-50% commission on license sales

The growth business is the business of selling FundChan network licenses. The commission on license sales is 10-50% depending on the Core Business Index (see below).

Selling licenses is a business that can get very profitable very quickly, therefore the following policy is put in place to ensure that the growth business doesn't eclipse the core business:

When a license CBI is below 50, the commission on license sales drops to 10%. When the CBI is above 50, the commission on license sales is 50%.


The following risks should be taken into consideration when purchasing a license:

Ultimately, the true VALUE of a license, regardless of the price, will be determined by the quality of the core business that is developed with the license.

Due to these risks, only experienced and skilled organizations and professionals should consider the purchase of a license.

Core Business Index (CBI)

The Core Business Index is derived from the ratio of core business to growth business in the FundChan system. A CBI value is calculated for every network license and placed on a 1-100 scale.

The commission on new license sales is determined by the Core Business Index. When a license CBI is is greater than 50, the commission on new license sales is 50% and when the CBI is less than 50, the commission on new license sales is 10%.

The CBI increases when new user accounts are confirmed and when the volume/value of paid messages increase. The CBI decreases when a new network license is sold.

NOTE: The core business of client licensees is included in the calculation of each license CBI, which means that it is better for CBI to sell licenses to people/organizations that can build the core business.

Sites "powered by" Fundchan

With a license you can host your own network site on any topic. Create a site for your home town, or create a site for your favorite hobby. You can build a business on the topic you know or the topic you love, whether it's fly fishing or financial products.

Your network site can be set up for any domain that you own after paying a minimal setup fee. New network sites may be subject to the approval the network license community to prevent conflicts.

"Source" and network sites

Cashout fee revenue is only paid on transactions for which the network license is indicated as the "source" of the person/account that is completing the transaction. There are two primary methods by which the "source" is indicated when a new account is created (when a person registers):

First, the source may be indicated in the URL, such as:

In this example, Jim Bursch is the license holder and anyone who registers after visiting that URL will have Jim Bursch's license indicated as the source of the account. This is also true of ALL network sites.

Second, the source may be indicated by an network site, such as, which is a FundChan network site created by Jim Bursch. Whenever an account is registered at WestLAonline, Jim Bursch's license will be indicated as the source. The only exception is if there is another license holder indicated in the URL, such as:

In this example, John Doe's license will be indicated as the source when someone registers at WestLAonline after visiting that URL.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much can I make?

The only honest answer to this question is, we don't know. In our One Buck Business Plan we describe how much can be made theoretically, but it is based on a key assumption that has no foundation in actual data. That will change as the business grows and we gather actual data, but right now, the One Buck Business Plan is based solely on speculation. It is also based on the biggest unknown -- your effort and what you bring to the business.

How much does it cost?

You can get started right away with a provisional license that costs nothing, but any revenue generated will be placed on hold until you purchase the license. A license currently costs 32,000 credits ($2,226.88). The FundChan messaging system itself is the most important tool in building the FundChan business and you need to fund your account to fund your messages and communicate with your users and your team.

How much time/effort does it take?

That is entirely up to you. Obviously it takes more effort to make more money. It also requires some thought, planning and creativity. It also depends on what you are bringing to the business yourself. If you are already a skilled network marketer, or if you are already in a position to reach many people (such as a blogger) then it will require less effort to make more.

What do I need to do to earn money?

You make money when users send messages on your network site and when users sourced by you cash out. So, what you need to do is introduce your FundChan site to people and encourage them to use the site for their own messaging.

How do I get paid?

Your account is automatically credited when revenue events occur and you can cash out your account any time, subject to the same admin fee (15%) as every cashout.

How much support will I get to build my business?

Everyone in the Fundchan network benefits when the network grows, so you will be supported by everyone in the network. Our goal is to incentivize good positive team building in the FundChan Networking Program. Effective leaders will be the most successful in building business and generating revenue in the FundChan Network Program.